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Don't Miss the Rapture - paperback (336 pp.)

The author sincerely hopes that you will be as enriched reading this book as she was enriched writing it, and that you will read it with the Holy Spirit. Whatever you do, DON’T MISS THE RAPTURE!

With this book, you will get clarity on:

  • Pre-, Mid-, and Post-Tribulation positions compared, and new light on Post-Trib;

  • Rapture Scriptures as distinguished from Second Coming Scriptures;

  • the 7-year Tribulation as distinguished from the 3½ year Wrath of God;

  • the “beginning of sorrows” (wrath of Satan) as compared with the “Wrath of God”;

  • the “Tribulation Saints” as distinguished from the “Raptured Saints,” (the “Bride”)

  • which Scriptures depict scenes in Heaven and which depict scenes on Earth;

  • the distinction between “we” and “they, and what that reveals about the Rapture.

  • the KEY to unity between Pre-Tribbers and Mid-Tribbers!