Dr. Cynthia D. Wallace


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What People Are Saying:

Annie G.
Geneva, Switzerland

"Before working with Coach Cynthia, I had started two books but had long since abandoned both. Cynthia recognized that there was at least one significant book inside me needing to be released. Listening and discussing my concerns, she persevered in awaking that dormant writing dream until I was suddenly ignited to realize that this was the time to complete both books. Working with me as a partner, Cynthia fully engaged herself without attempting to alter my style or language. She came alongside me and continued to encourage, guide and motivate me. With her inspiration, reinforcement and know-how, Coach Cynthia will help to break your book free and to bring out the best in you. "

The name has been changed to protect client privacy.

Pastor David Adeola
TheGatekeeper - London, England

"When I met Dr. Cynthia Wallace at a conference in Brussels and purchased some of her books, I was highly impressed by the style and clarity of her writing. So I turned to her for advice on my own first book. She made an initial overall evaluation, with insightful and useful comments and suggestions, then followed through, ending with a final edit and fine tuning. I commend Cynthia’s sensitivity to both my approach and subject matter and her ability to make valuable suggestions without compromising my writing style, tone and personal word choice. I am grateful for the inspiration and encouragement she provided all throughout the process."

Debra Sovay
Dannemora, New York, USA

"Before I met Coach Cynthia, I had sent my attempt at a children's book to approximately ten publishers. I felt as rejected as my stories. "Too wordy" was the only advice I had received. I felt I just didn't have it in me to be a writer. I gave my story to Cynthia to read. I received a critique that built me up. It was an honest "You've got something here" kind of review. She gave suggestions that made me want to pick up my pen again. I could see these ideas working. Cynthia threw life into my story while still keeping it mine. She gave me exactly the kind of advice I was looking for. Everything she said made sense. She got me excited to work on the story again."