As an international lawyer, Dr. Cynthia Day Wallace has had occasion to travel and lecture widely, engaging in public speaking on nearly every continent (North America, Europe, Asia, Africa). 

Among her more notable recent speaking engagements have been addressing international audiences and roundtables in the Hague Peace Palace, home of the International Court of Justice, and in Basel, Switzerland, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the First Zionist Congress, standing on the very platform where Theodor Herzl first declared a future State of Israel.

Punctuating the significance of this moment for Dr. Cynthia is the fact that it took place on a landmark birthday, and she was spontaneously serenaded with “Happy Birthday to you,” in French, German, English, and various other tongues simultaneously. Such are the joys and surprises that can add to the reward of sharing from the podium.

Dr. Wallace equally enjoys speaking – in the U.S. and abroad – on the topics of her other books. She is deeply dedicated to spiritual themes – most notably on the Rapture of the Church and end-time prophesy, as well as on corporate intercessory worship, particularly focused on start-ups for small churches or home groups. She naturally speaks out of her in-depth Scriptural research and personal experiential knowledge of these topics, as exemplified in her books and as summarized below by her publisher and by spontaneous reader feedback.



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Music is a powerful force. It grabs our attention; it moves our hearts; it changes our souls. The music/ worship ministry seeks to glorify Christ through music and worship.


Speaking Topics 

The Legitimacy of Israel
The ‘Rapture’ and the End Times
Intercessory Worship

"Laws may change, perceptions may vary, but historical fact is immutable.

“It is no secret that the debate over the nations of Israel’s claim to its ancestral land and the city of Jerusalem has caused great controversy. While many who support the rights of the Jewish People present compelling emotional appeals, most fail to substantiate their arguments with hard evidence. To truly defend Israel on the political front will require more than emotional outcry; we must explore the legal and historical facts surrounding this conflict in order to preserve the rights of the Jewish people. 

“Dr. Cynthia Wallace uses her 30 years’ experience in the field of international law to delineate the legal and political right of the nation of Israel as well as the ramifications of the proposed Palestinian state. 

"Using a comprehensive approach, Dr. Wallace presents compelling evidence authenticated by the community of nations to establish Israel’s rightful legal claim to its ancient land and to its capital and most holy city.” 

 [Creation House Publishers] 


There are many theories about the return of Christ and the Great Tribulation, but what does a fresh deep-dive into Scripture reveal about these events? 

"Dr. Cynthia Day Wallace clarifies—and at times confronts—some controversial Rapture theories of the Church, and weighs them against the totality of Scripture, as set out in her monumental book: Don't Miss the Rapture. 

“Pre- mid- or post-Tribulation persuasions are at the epicenter of the current-and-choice end-time debate, with no overall consensus to date. Her masterfull work is an in-depth Scriptural answer to the question. 

"A corollary to this underlying theme is the vital importance of “watching” and being “ready. This two-fold message is abundantly supported by Dr. Wallace’s painstaking and thorough approach to Scriptural analysis, with fresh and provocative insights into the various and complex issues at stake." 

"[It is her highest desire to share these Spirit-led insights with all those] truly interested in enlarging their vision on this timely and crucial subject."  

[Creation House Publishers] 


A Lawyer’s Guide to Heaven’s Courts: How to hear from and be heard by God. 

“As a respected international lawyer with a PhD in international law from Cambridge University, Cynthia Day Wallace has lectured around the world. But her most important appearances have been the courts of heaven. 

“For more than a decade, she has led weekly intercessory Breakthrough Worship gatherings in Switzerland and in the U.S. She and the small prayer team that has joined her have learned how to tune in more closely to the heart of God, interceding for their city, Israel, and the nations of the world. 

"Sharing her own journey of discovery & delight, Dr. Wallace reveals some of the ways she has grown in her understanding of how to seek and sustain God’s presence and prophetic power. [Hearing] her story, you will be inspired to pursue a similar encounter....  

"Offering principles rather than rules, and urging joy rather than duty, Dr. Wallace invites you to join her in the adventure of becoming an advocate before the eternal [J]udge.” 

[Creation House Publishers] 


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What People Are Saying:


The Legitimacy of Israel

Chris Mitchell
CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Jerusalem

"Cynthia Wallace provides one of the clearest, most succinct and compelling explanations of Israel’s right to its land that I have read. She sheds light on the Israeli-Palestinian issue where too often rhetoric and half-truths have obscured the legal and historic right of the Jewish people to a homeland. Nations and individuals need to know the history before they make historic decisions. Wallace provides it. I believe it’s a profound contribution to the world-wide dialogue that should be read by diplomats, journalists and decision makers as they deliberate on the pressing issue of our time."

Calev Myers
Founder and Chief Counsel
Jerusalem Institute of Justice

"Dr. C.D. Wallace presents a crucial guidebook to the complicated issues of international law underlying Israel’s sovereignty over the land of Israel and Jerusalem. This foundational book belongs in the arsenal of every advocate for truth and moral clarity in the Middle East."

Johnny Enlow
Author: The Seven Mountain Prophecy and The Seven Mountain Mantle

"Dr. Cynthia Wallace has put together a most important book on the foundational rights for Israel’s existential privilege in Jerusalem and the land once known as ‘Palestine’. These foundational rights extend beyond just ‘humanitarian’ considerations, being firmly moored in the underpinnings of international law. This book should be required reading for political representatives and concerned citizens of any nation that desires to justly pursue resolution of the seemingly unending territorial disputes between Israel and the Palestinians. While Dr. Wallace’s contribution does not pretend to be a ‘road map for peace’, without the relevant legal comprehension there can be no ‘road map for peace’."

Robert Stearns, 
President, Eagles’ Wings

"As we pray for God’s ancient, firstborn People, the Jews, and for the peace of Jerusalem, it is important that we also understand the international legal foundations underlying the key issues at stake. Dr. Cynthia Wallace, who personally is deeply rooted in Scripture, has as well a long academic career in international law. She has provided the global community a most valuable and extremely well documented resource to help us understand these critically timely issues like few others could. Dr. Wallace does not stop there, but also looks beyond overused catchy headlines in order to ‘decode’ the cleverly worded media rhetoric and uncover truths relating to the ‘core’ issues—both historically and legally—in a way that leads to practical as well as spiritual support of Israel. This is an approach that many who have wanted to do more for Israel in practical terms have been waiting for. This work is a spark of truth that will light a torch of justice.”

Ambassador Danny Ayalon
Deputy Foreign Minister, Government of Israel

"There are few issues that are more neglected, misunderstood and misrepresented in the international debate arena than Israel´s rights in the disputed territories. Whereas much attention has been given to the plight of the Palestinian people, little appears to be truly understood about Israel´s rights to what are generally called the ‘occupied territories’ but what really are ‘disputed territories.’

"Dr. Cynthia Wallace has done a great service to those who are truly interested in the facts and not only fiction and myths, by presenting a clear legal perspective on this important issue. A final and comprehensive peace agreement in the Middle East can only be built upon historical facts and legal foundations. Through her well-researched and clearly presented document, Dr. Wallace has significantly contributed to a common understanding grounded in history and international law."

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The ‘Rapture’ and the End Times

Dean Braxton
Author of In Heaven!
– Experiencing the Throne of God

"Of all the books I’ve ever read on the Rapture, Dr. Wallace’s book is the closest to what I learned in Heaven."

Susan Carroll
Attorney, Panama City, Florida, USA

"Cynthia -- I am amazed and awed by what I am reading, I find it all very interesting, persuasive, timely, motivating and scary. I do not even want to stop! I love the way you break it down. I just think you and the Holy Spirit have given us a real blueprint that actually makes sense of the end times -- an incredible account of the Word. It is of God. Thank you for your time, talent, ant treasure as poured into this anointed, provocative and highly credible work."

Bobbette Abraham
Virginia Beach, VA, USA

"Dear Dr. Wallace … After reading your ‘Israel’ book, I found myself searching the internet to see what else you had written, which is when I found your other book, Don’t Miss the Rapture.  I’ve been active in ministry since the early 1990s and words simply can't express my amazement at, and respect for, how God has used you to present such a clear understanding of the scriptures on a subject where such disunity amongst believers has reigned. Your book puts a whole new slant on what it means for believers to endure to the end. I agree with your position on the "Mid-Week" Mid-Trib Rapture, based on my own understanding of the scriptures and also because it comports with a dream that the Lord gave me about the Rapture many years ago before I had even studied those portions of scripture."

Harald Held
Neustadt, Germany

"Dear Cynthia … I received "Don't Miss the Rapture" about 10 days ago. … I was so eager to get into it so that I've read it since then almost every day with increasing zeal. Meanwhile I'm almost through for a first time and I'm simply struck - I'll have to read it again several times in order to assimilate it sufficiently. ... Your work shows so many facets of the things to come still in a holistic way which presumably only few believers are able to work out by themselves. To me it appears as a perfectly assembled puzzle out of a great many parts yet well perceivable. Still it's comprehensible how you assembled it out of the many cross-references in God's Word following the principle God's Word does interpret God's word.

"I thank Our Lord that He has shadowed you by His Ghost in this abundant manner and I beg Him to bless you furthermore this way, thereby being a blessing to many."

Marilyn Keenan 
London, UK

"Dear Cynthia … Your rapture book continues to be a great blessing, especially as I have been doing Revelation as an end of year study. Your revelations have brought me much shalom on Father's purposes for His world and for me during these times. … .  I realise that questions I have been asking Abba sotto voce He is now answering loud and clear in your book. Hallelujah."

Sandy Hatfield

"Dear Cynthia, I just finished reading your book, Don't Miss the Rapture.  I was amazed at the thoroughness of your study and presentation.  As might be expected, there are a few interpretations that are new to me or that vary from what I've previously held to be true. So now I want to spend some time re-exploring the Scriptures."

Charles Kingsley
Geneva, Switzerland

"Hello, Cynthia! … The book: That you have been called and designed, no doubt, before the age of twelve, I dare say, to bring the message of this book Don't Miss the Rapture, unveils another large dimension in God’s “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations”. (Jer 1:5). Although Jeremiah has told that story of God’s wisdom, and master-plan, as applied specifically to him, we have to admire how God continues to give it a new and fresh gravity, away from the confines of its ancient scene, to apply it more and more widely to His New Testament Church, through earthen vessels like you, who yield to Him. Hasn’t the NT said also: “For those whom he foreknew he also predestinated to be conformed to the image of his Son …” (Rom. 8:29). Yes! The Master Potter foreknew Cynthia, chose and designed her to write the book, which He has already written in heaven. Girl, you got the download! … Cynthia, you were handmade for this task …."

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 Intercessory Worship

 Music is a powerful force. It grabs our attention; it moves our hearts; it changes our souls. The intercessory worship ministry seeks to glorify and serve Christ and His Kingdom, through music and worship. Colossians 3:16 says, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly; teach and admonish one another in all wisdom; and with gratitude in your hearts sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to God.”

As a seasoned leader in the ministry of intercessory worship, Cynthia has a passion to lead people into the presence of God and also to mentor other aspiring worship leaders in pursuit of the same. She has led years of monthly all-night prayer in Geneva, Switzerland, and weekly three-hour sessions of anointed intercessory worship in Switzerland and the United States. What she seeks, above all, is to usher in the anointing – His PRESENCE – through uninterrupted worship, climbing together to the throne room to get the heart of God and then interceding His heart. As her book Breakthrough Worship says: “Piercing the Heavens to Impact the Earth.”

We’ve all heard people that possess amazing musical and vocal abilities... but it doesn’t amount to anything without God’s presence. God’s anointing can magnify, multiply and amplify our gifts and talents. Cynthia's desire is to share with you through this book and/or in person  what the Holy Spirit has taught her over all these years of journeying through ever-evolving nights of worship, "in Spirit and in Truth," to break through and open  portals of glory over your church, your city, your nation, the nations 


  • The difference between passive and active worship
  • Things that bring down the anointing in corporate worship
  • What the Bible says as regards the posture of worship
  • The critical importance of unity - climbing the hill together 
  • Going higher to go deeper for greater spiritual intimacy
  • Some principles of worship group protocol to keep the flow

Carol Griffith
Budapest, Hungary
(formerly with Prison Fellowship)

"Cynthia, you have done a super job with this book!  And it all comes out of your seeking Him, His Presence and seeking to please Him. You have had quite a journey. … Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I started reading your manuscript this morning…. It is truly amazing!!! I could feel the excitement of the Holy Spirit within as I read the pages. You have truly captured the essence of worship. … Amen, Amen and Amen! … Not surprising that the Lord told you to write this book!!! … it is apparent that God has prepared you to write such a book….It is wonderful!"

Susan Carroll
Panama City, Florida

"Wow this is awesome……you are simply a wonderful writer and such love for the Lord pours through what you have written... I thought it was very well done and you have set out how to worship in a corporate setting and brought the reader into the fullness of that experience. It is an easy read and something that will be useful to the Bride.  Well done my sister!  You can see your heart for God and worship it is beautiful! … I can’t wait to see this in print!!!"

Andrew Baker
Founder, President,
Ark Resources, London, England

“[T]he book is excellent. … [a] masterpiece. … [It] is well written and the content explains beautifully the ministry of prophetic worship which I can see you have learned over many years of personal experience. You are not dogmatic in your opinions, leaving room for others to have their own angle on things and you have introduced many personal examples which is rather like punctuating your text with pictures. Well done! … I believe the book is really instructive, edifying, upbuilding and even corrective in nature. Ten out of ten, Cynthia. … You really have done an excellent job. … May this book be used to bless people all around the globe.”

Elizabeth Blaise
Ministry and Music Team, First Assembly of God, Plattsburgh, NY

"… I am up in the wee hours of the morning! I couldn't stop reading your manuscript once I really had undivided time... As usual, I found it very informative and insightful. Your format is cohesive and easily followed. It follows a logical progression which makes the book an easier read. If a question popped into my head it was almost immediately addressed and I am a big proponent of that kind of writing... That is one of the things that I like about how you write: you don't leave me with questions hanging or loose ends. I found that the book was also challenging to me personally. It made me painfully and keenly aware of my shortcomings in the area of intercessory prayer and the need for more worship during my personal devotions... Your book has made me take a look at worship in a different light. [M]y preliminary assessment of your book is that it is spot on. I sense a great sincerity and desire to direct people to our Father through worship that ushers us into the glory realm. … [T]he book has a powerful message for today's believers about worship and intercession. Your books are always meat and potatoes and not fluff sandwiches. … I want something that will be helpful to me and change the way I think and act. Your books do that! Please publish your book so that others can learn more about worship."

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